Художница обвинила дизайнера Рика Оуэнса в краже ее образов
1 октября 2019 г. 12:01
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Художница обвинила дизайнера Рика Оуэнса в краже ее образов

19-летняя художница Salvia обвинила Рика Оуэнса в том, что он присваивает ее образы. Девушка рассказала об этом в «Инстаграме».

Оуэнс уже сотрудничал с Salvia во время создания осенне-зимней коллекции. На этот раз он представил копии творений художницы, не получив разрешения.

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Rick Owens decided to send replicas of me down his runway 3 days ago, without my knowledge, involvement or payment. This is not the design I sold to him in February which consisted of one prosthetic design and one makeup design. I didn’t even want the models in the February show to look anything like me, I wanted to design something unique and new but him and his team just wanted to take things from my instagram. That collaboration was not permission to use me as a muse forever, and I have had my hair, nails and other makeup looks stolen by him since. I thought we came to an agreement that this wouldn’t happen again when I spoke to him about my look being used for a shoot in his studio for @crfashionbook which happened again without my permission or involvement, in this shoot makeup styles were pulled from my Instagram - and had nothing to do with the February show. You may say I’m not the only person who “does this look” but that’s because rick isn’t the only person relentlessly stealing, but that’s another can of worms. He has endless privileges and resources, I do not, I’m not a millionaire with a team of people behind me, im a 19 year old trans girl from cyffylliog, Rick Owens is not punk, not progressive, not futuristic, he is selfish and mediocre.

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Речь идет о нескольких моделях, часть головы которых была выбрита. Salvia утверждает, что ничего не продавала Оуэнсу. Также она сообщила, что дизайнер использовал один из образов художницы в фотосъемке.

Пока Рик не комментировал обвинения.

Ранее модельер Стефано Габбана назвал «уродливой» Селену Гомес.

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